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Here are the books I have been published in, both individually and as collaboration projects. They are all written to help you to see that you always have a choice, no matter what challenges you are facing.

Onward and Upward

“Onward and Upward” is a fascinating memoir of one woman’s journey through motherhood, marriage and mayhem to her real-life happy ever after.

Follow Jacqueline on the ride of her life – she has been to hell and back many times over – as she makes a multitude of difficult decisions, triumphs through all kinds of adversity and strives for an ‘ordinary’ life. When she stumbles across her soulmate she finds her bliss, begins to understand her true purpose and takes a big, bold leap into her happy ending.

Her trials, torment and trauma are mingled with the happy and sad, the good and the bad (and the ugly), and this refreshing and powerful read will pull on your heartstrings, and make you laugh and cry.

And when you learn about her happy ever after, you’ll want to punch the air with delight!

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book, but happily I was pleasantly surprised!

The author takes you on a deeply personal journey and you can’t help be captured by her honesty and open approach. One minute I was crying and the next I was laughing but needing to read on to find out what was next.

A real rollercoaster ride but written in such a way that you come away satisfied and feeling inspired. A must read!

5* Amazon review

A heartfelt story with highs and lows.

You can really feel yourself in Jacqueline’s shoes.

A lot of her story resonated with me and I know it will help you too. Thank you xx

5* Amazon review

This is a beautiful story of one woman’s journey through life.

She bares her soul to the reader and whilst you will laugh and cry you will identify with this real life heroine in one or more chapters. An awe inspiring read.

Could not put this down, arrived at 5pm, finished by 9pm. Life is a journey and boy has Jacqueline had a journey!! Highly recommend.

5* Amazon review

You’ve Got This!

Self-Help made Simple – Tips to lighten the load

This handy manual enables you to live a heartfelt life, where you can draw on the inspiration of real-life experiences of love, loss and overcoming adversity, All of the stories are combined with a range of practical and versatile self-help tools that not only calm the mind but soothe the soul, whilst regaining your inner power.

“You’ve Got This!” teaches you how to implement small, manageable steps towards nurturing your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing – reclaiming the life that you would ask for if a magic wand was waved over you.

In sharing elements of her personal story, Jacqueline shows how you can flip the script, choosing yourself first, and find the inner-strength to successfully navigate whatever challenges life throws at you.
Her unique ‘glass-half-full’ attitude will have you believing that anything is possible when you know how. Just try it for yourself and see!

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“You’ve got this!” is a powerful, yet relatable, book which has been written from the heart.

The author bares her soul by sharing real life stories as well as offering practical guidance that is easy to implement.

I found myself only wanting to read one chapter at a time so that I had time to absorb the beautiful insights I was receiving.

Jacqueline has a relaxed writing style that is so easy to read, you feel like you’re having a cosy heart to heart with a caring and loving friend. Highly recommended.

5* Amazon review

I’ve just finished reading this book and I really enjoyed it. 

I appreciate the honesty of the writing, especially sharing such personal stories and information with the reader. 

The tips included in the book are very helpful and I like the layout of the book,

as it allows for dipping in and out of the various chapters. 

This makes it feel so much more digestible and it is easy to find the relevant information when needed.

5* Amazon review

Loved it! It was insightful full of personality and left me feeling positive and uplifted!

5* Amazon review

The Girls Who Refused to Quit (volume 1)

“The Girls Who Refused to Quit” shares the powerful, real-life journeys of 14 inspirational women. They have all overcome adversity and now want to make a difference with their stories.

They want you to know that no matter what challenges you face, you can hold your head high, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams.

They have not only found the courage to rise from the depths of despair, they have found the strength never to give up.

They are The Girls Who Refused to Quit.

This is an incredible book, full of powerful, beautiful and important true life stories of surviving adversity.

Each woman’s story is told with such courage and passion. Yes, there is sadness and trauma in these pages but ultimately it is a book of overwhelming hope and optimism.

The stories shared in these pages are raw and at times difficult to read, but you are reminded that each one has been written by a woman who lived through it and is now not only surviving but thriving.

5* Amazon review

This book is like nothing I have ever read before, I loved the short inspiring stories and read most of them through tears.
I loved everything about the book from the style to the theme of ‘The Girl Who Refused To Quit’ and I truly believe it will help many more women realise that they too can get past what they are going through.

5* Amazon review

I loved reading the different life stories of the amazing women in this book.

They are all such inspirational and strong women. Would definitely recommend!

5* Amazon review

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