What does the term ‘Self care’ mean to you?

I talk all the time about self care with my wellbeing coaching clients. We often don’t realise how important it is, until we feel like we REALLY need it. But why put it off until then? 

Why don’t we integrate it into our lives as a non-negotiable like eating, breathing or sleeping?

From what I’ve noticed in my coaching session, it’s the ‘Self’ word that stops people.

It has them thinking or believing they are being selfish. Whether that’s something they’ve grown up with, or something they’ve adopted due to their environment, it really isn’t necessary.

When we introduce simple self care as part of our daily routine, everything changes. It doesn’t even need to be anything that costs money.

You can do really super simple, effective things like:

Get negativity out of your head by writing in a journal for 10 minutes.

Meditate and relax

Listen to upbeat happy music

Just look in the mirror and smile at yourself – remind yourself exactly how fabulous you are

Stop the negative self-talk and be kinder to yourself


My reminder to you today is that out of all the people you will meet in your lifetime, YOU are the one person you will spend 100% of that time with, so stop criticising and start nurturing.

Be your own best friend.

Treat yourself as you would any other human being who you want to do well in life.

Celebrate your achievements.

Do this one thing daily, and see what changes. Go for it.

















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